KAMALIA-Kamalia Municipal Committee [MC] Vice Chairman Ch Mehmoodul Hassan Jutt outlined arrangements for the disposal of sacrificial animals’ wastes on Eidul Azha on Saturday.

During a media talk at his office, he said that the MC teams, made for waste disposal, would remain active throughout Eid days. “The MC will distribute free plastic bags to citizens for waste disposal,” he said, adding that places had been marked across Kamalia City to dump animal wastes.

“The citizens are requested to put the wastes of sacrificial animals in the plastic bags provided and leave these bags at one of the specified places,” he appealed, saying that the MC staff would carry the waste from these places.

He warned that animal wastes should not be thrown haphazardly at random places where it could rot and become a source of stench and diseases.

He told the media that a complaint cell had been set up at the MC office which would be active in three days of Eid.

“The cell has been organised to remedy the complaints of the citizens,” he stated. He said that the citizens could contact the cell if they found it difficult to dispose the wastes of sacrificial animals.

“They calls will be responded immediately,” he maintained. He urged the citizens to cooperate with the MC teams during Eid days.


The patrolling unit of Kamalia City police arrested M Zahid from Mohallah Bahlolwala, Kamalia and seized five litres of liquor from his possession. The police filed a case against him.