FAISALABAD-The Plant Protection and Research Institute, Guangdong Academy of Agriculture Sciences PR China, the University of Agriculture Faisalabad (UAF) and MNS University of Agriculture Multan (MNSUA) will carry out joint work especially on the cotton curl leave virus and whitefly.

It was decided at a meeting held between Chinese delegation team and UAF entomologists at the Department of Entomology. The meeting was chaired by UAF Entomology Chairman Dr Muhammad Jalal Arif.

Chinese experts including Prof He; Prof Lihua, Ms Tang, Ms Chen, and MNSUA Dean Dr Shafqat Saeed also attended the meeting.

Dr Jalal Arif said that Pakistan and China were enjoying the good relations based on brotherhood. He said that strengthened academia and research relations with the Chinese institute will help uplift the sector.

He added that the department was the best one with trained and qualified staff working day and night on pests, plant diseases and dengue. It will bring tangible results on the horizon of agriculture sector, he hoped.

He said that a survey was being conducted on the increase of whitefly. He viewed that plant protection measures helped increase per hectare yield by protecting crops from diseases and controlling the pest. He called for identifying the cause and best methods to overcome the issue.

Prof He said Pakistan is time tested friend of China. He lauded the step being taken in Pakistan in the agricultural research. He said that China was also facing CLCV and whitefly issues.

He said that they were mainly engaged in significant and key technologies of agricultural production safety harmful organisms including pests grass rat, invasive species sustainable control; environment-friendly and efficient, low toxicity pesticides and biological control research and development promotion; and others.

Prof Lihua crop said that they were also focused on germplasm and varieties resistant to pests harmful to agriculture collection of biological resources, identification, preservation and innovative use; pesticide field efficacy evaluation, and pesticide residues bioassay studies.

Dr Shafqat Saeed called for getting benefits from each other’s experiences. He said that with China Pakistan Economic Corridor, the bilateral relations would be further strengthened. He added that the joint research work would bring tangible results.

NIBGE Director Shahid Mansoor said that the agriculture was the backbone of Pakistan and contributing 20 percent to the national economy. Dr Mansoor Sahi said that under the Punjab Agricultural Research Board, UAF was working on project on pink boll worm. Dr Waseem Akam said that we have to identify the impact of the climate on the rearing of the insects.

Dr Sohail Ahmad, Dr Dildar Googi, Dr Tayyab, Dr Abid Ali, Dr Hamid Bashir, Dr Ahsan Khan, Dr Muhammad Arshad, Dr Zain ul Abedien, Dr Waqas Wakeel, Dr Bilal Saeed, Dr Shahid Majeed and others attended the meeting.