PTI has won more than expected national and provincial assembly seats from Karachi, because citizens of this metropolitan city had been betrayed too often by two major political players, namely MQM and PPP. Anyone who has lived in Karachi and witnessed its decadence from glamorous, peaceful and clean city it once was, to a place reduced to stinking garbage dump, where street crime, kidnapping for ransom and murder had assumed status of a booming criminal black economy. Karachites were waiting for a change. 

However PTI must be careful while trying to complete numbers game, especially while making efforts to get support of MQM in Karachi and remnants of Co-operatives scam, Chaudhries of Gujrat, in Punjab. PTI itself is responsible for their egoistic decision to fight on multiple constituencies in NA and PA and set some record of sorts, without taking into account consequences. Imran Khan must also be careful about nominating any party member for a cabinet portfolio, including CM or Speaker etc who is involved in NAB case or Panama list and Land Mafia. 


Karachi, August 1.