I suppose we should be happy now, as tabdeeli has happened. We are heading towards our first Eid with the PTI in power, and Imran Khan as PM. Was his oath taking the moment when it happened? Or when Asad Qaisar was elected Speaker? Or maybe it hasn’t happened yet.

One sign was at Imran’s oath-taking, which saw one Indian guest turn up, Navjot Singh Sidhu. An opening batsman. Interesting choice. And the warmth with which he greeted COAS Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa was a moment to remember. Was it the meeting of an Indian and a Pakistani? Or simply of two Jats?

Sidhu’s also a cricketer-turned-politician. These days, he’s a Punjab Minister, in the cabinet of fellow Sidhu Amarinder Singh, the fainéant Maharaja of Patiala. Sidhu started with the BJP, but is now in the Congress. He made great sacrifices to get here. He didn’t say goodbye to his ex-party’s ex-PM, Atal Behari Vajpayee. Vajpayee died the day before Imran’s oath. Nor did he see off Ajit Wadekar, who also died the day before. Wadekar had been Indian captain when Imran made his debut back in 1971. In fact, that season was more remarkable because India won the three-Test-series 1-0, which was their first win in England. These days, they seem to have gone back to the 1950s, when they went down 3-0 in four Tests in 1952, and in all five in 1959. They’re already 2-0 down after just two Tests on the current tour, and had started off the Third Test making 329 after being put in to bat. Not a winning total.

In fact, one death Imran wouldn’t have been saddened by was that of Aretha Franklin, the Queen of the Blues. Well, unless she ever performed at a Shaukat Khanum Hospital fundraiser. But then, SKMTH fundraisers were likelier to have Salman Ahmed belting out a number than Aretha.

Another death leaving him unmoved would be that of V.S. Naipaul, the author. And Imran has never been accused of reading books. Another Nobel laureate to pass on was former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, again a death that would leave Imran unmoved.

I don’t know if Imran would like to acknowledge the passing of a BJP PM. Because of the present BJP PM’s affection for US President Donald Trump, Imran is in danger of being sucked into attacks on Trevor Noah, who said that Imran was like Trump on The Daily Show. Obviously, Noah has taken a lifafa and is a patwari. Just for the record, the comparison is odious. To Trump. I mean, he isn’t accused of having any illegitimate children. He has had only two wives, not three. And no one has accused him of using any illegal substances.

True, he recently made Stephen Seagal special envoy to Russia. Is Seagal supposed to beat up Vladimir Putin? If he does, Imran’s speech after being elected PM sounded as if he would lead a charge on Adiala Jail, drag Mian Nawaz Sharif out of his cell, and start kicking him. At least he didn’t wear a Jinnah cap at his oath. Admittedly, he wore a shirwani, not whites as some expected. Or the three colours of the PTI, as even more expected.

People were still wearing white-and-green for Independence Day. As usual, the hobbledehoys of the city celebrated Azadi from all sorts of manners, though the more grisly Azadi from life itself, through fatal wheelies, was missing. Maybe young men have realised that dying for patriotism is going too far.

Or maybe they want to see what Naya Pakistan will be like. Well, it seems that it will be the rule of the sons. Imran himself is the son of a government servant, Ikramullah Niazi, the civil engineer. He was strictly non-political. However, his brother Amanullah was not only a lawyer, but he was also a leading light of the Baghuchi Mahaz, which led the struggle against the sons of Nawab Kalabagh. But the new Balochistan Chief Minister, Jam Kamal, is not just the son, but the grandson, of chief ministers, while the Sindh CM is once again Murad Ali Shah, whose father was a CM. The new Punjab CM, Usman Buzdar, is not the son of former CM, but of a former MPA, Fateh Muhammad Buzdar, who was only elected when martial laws ended, back in 1985, and then in 2002. That House is the one which promised to vote repeatedly for Gen Pervez Musharraf as President. By the way, that House’s CM Ch Pervez Elahi, is now Speaker. The last time he was Speaker, he met the next House as CM.

The new CM may be a placeholder for Shah Mahmood Qureshi, the new Foreign Minister, himself the son of a governor, who was deprived of the job because he lost his provincial seat to a PTI dissident. However, the last time we had a placeholder, Dost Muhammad Khosa in 2008, while Mian Shehbaz found a seat, it was made very clear. So Buzdar is the young and clean person Imran spoke about. Well, 48 is young. And a conviction for murder (back in 2000, getting off after paying blood money) is clean. But if the new CM ever wears a long black kurta and a dhoti, take cover. And it might be remembered that the multiple murder (six people) was election-related. So Hamza Shehbaz need be careful.

The only CM without a father in politics, is KP’s Mahmood Khan. Then the PTI’s candidate for President next month, Arif Alvi, is also the first of the family. At 69, he’s actually younger than the incumbent, who is 78. Speaking of fathers and sons, Asif Zardari is not just the first ex-President to sit in the National Assembly, but also the first member to have a son also in the House. Bilawal. The only previous example is that of Gulzar Khan and his son Waqar, who were at one time both members of the Senate, being later joined by son Ammar.