Karachi-An alleged teenage thief was beaten to death by angry people in the Bahadurabad area on Saturday, police said.

Two suspects entered a home in Kokan Society apparently to commit a theft. One of them escaped while inmates got hold of the other suspect.

What happened next was recorded in social media video that went viral on different platforms. A young kid, attached to a metal grill and beaten with sticks is shown in the video.

Celebrities such as Mahira Khan, Armeena Khan and Veena Malik took to social media and condemned the incident.

Writing on Instagram, Mahira Khan said: Oh my God my heart. How could they do that? How could they kill a boy? Torture him? How did not a single person stop it! We have become so bloody desensitised we freaking record videos calmly while someone is beaten to death.”

“To the poor teen from Baharaduabad who was killed mercilessly on a mere suspicion of burglary (just a suspicion). They tortured him for two hours and did not stop even though there was a call to prayer (azaan) in the background. RIP kid, your crime is that you were born poor,” Armeena Khan wrote.

Saw some of the pictures and they are horrific, to say the least. We are a peace loving country. Authorities should take a look in this case and make sure to set example. So that no such cases happen in the future. How can people be so heartless, it’s beyond my imagination,” Veena Malik shared.