KARACHI     -    Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Sindh chapter president Haleem Adil Sheikh has said many areas of Sindh have already been inundated under accumulated water of recent rains, and now the Indus River is swelling and I am seeing whole Sindh under floods again.

Addressing a press conference outside Sindh assembly along with MPA Khuram Sher Zaman, Haleem Adil said that in district Thatta, the swelled saline Nullahs have played havoc with vast area after recent torrential rains and more than 350 villages were still inundated.

He said hundreds of schools, graveyards, shrines, houses, farms and fields were under stagnant water. He said as the administration did not take precautionary measures, 80 percent agriculture of Thatta has already been destroyed by recent rains.

He said: “Sindh government is busy hollowing claims while it is not ready to take practical efforts. Billions of rupees go into the pocket of corruption mafia in the name of cementing embankments of saline Nullahs and de-silting of canals. Now when there is a threat of flood in River Indus I already see whole Sindh drowning again.”

Haleem Adil said Bilawal already told us formula of rainwater, and now he should also tell us what the formula of draining out accumulated stagnant water is.

He said deputy commissioner Thatta is a making fake bills, while no assistance of the affectees is still seen at the governmental level. He said the people of Sindh government are seen nowhere in Thatta. He said a probe should be made into corruption of irrigation departments works in Thatta, as this money has gone into fake bank accounts.

Haleem Adil said if the Sindh government is not able to save people of Sindh it should seek help from the federal government. He said the chief minister of Sindh is not a competent person and he only knows how to make corruption money. He said billions of rupees have been looted from funds of Sindh irrigation and agriculture department by corruption and money laundering mafia. He said now many more corrupt people would go jail as evidences of their corruption have already been gathered. He said the ministry of finance in Sindh is with chief minister and he is involved in mega corruption. He said people like Ali Hassan Zardari or Tapi are given free hand to do corruption.

However, MPA Khuram Sher Zaman said that the PTI MNAs and MPAs were present on roads during the rains. He said the PPP has completed 10 years of its rule in Sindh. He said it is the most inefficient party in the world and it should be given a place in Guinness Book of World Records. He said one week has already passed but gutter water is still present in streets of megacity Karachi.

He said the area of Bilawal House also went inundated during rains. He said offal is still present in some parts of the megacity. He said if PPP can rule for 500 years in Sindh it still could not change anything. He asked to declare rain and flood emergency in Sindh and give the distressed people some relief. He said people are distressed even in Larkana of Bhutto.

Separately, the opposition parties jointly deposited a resolution in the secretariat of Sindh assembly against losses in recent rains.

The resolution singed by members of PTI, DGA and MQM has expressed serious concern over huge losses in Karachi, Hyderabad, Thatta and Badin during recent rains and asked the provincial government to take immediate notice of it and provide relief to the people of affected districts. It demanded to debate the issue on the floor of Sindh assembly.