Lahore - Lawyers and civil society members Monday held a demonstration outside the Lahore High Court against India.

The protesters holding placards and banners raised voices against Indian Prime Minister Modi for revoking the special status of Indian-occupied Kashmir.

Addressing the protestants, IHRM President Muhammad Nasir Iqbal Khan expressed his grave concerns over the curfew imposed by Modi administration in Kashmir since August 5, detentions of Kashmir leadership and violation of the fundamental rights of the Kashmiris.

He condemned the lockdown in Kashmir and demanded the United Nation, Organisation of Islamic Countries (OIC) and other international human rights champions to play their prompt and effective role to end the genocide of Kashmiris. He also demanded restoration of the supply of food, availability of medicines, telecommunications system and others necessary commodities in the region.

On the occasion, human rights lawyer and activist Mukhdoom Waseem Qureshi Advocate called Indian actions illegal under International laws and United Nation treaties. He further stressed the Modi government to reverse the unlawful decision to avoid the war between two atomic powers.

He added if a war starts in the south East Asia, no one will not be the winner. He urged the peace promoters to play their role for normalising he relationship between two neighbours  by solving the issue of Kashmir as per the UN resolutions and the wishes of Kashmiris.

He also suggested that Pakistan to move the International Court of Justice in case Indian stubbornness.

During the protest, demonstrators chanted slogans against Modi’s terrorism.  Many other key speakers, included Muhammad Raza Advocate, Ishfaq Ahmad Kharal Advocate, Tanveer Khan, Mian Ashraf Asmi Advocate, Mumtaz Awan, Sultan Hassan Butt, Shakeel Awan, Muhammad Younas Malik and Imran Haider.