Imran Khan is not the first prime minister who visited the US. Almost all the Prime Ministers including Liaqat Ali khan and ZA Bhutto visited America. On return, all boasted for the success of their visit, but the media exposed the reality sooner or later. However, PM Khan’s visit seems to be different and distinctive in terms of outcomes. He succeeded in wooing President Trump that war in Afghanistan can only be won through dialogue than by force. He also convinced Trump that peace in the region can only be achieved by solving the issue of Kashmir. President Trump offered to mediate, which did not sit well with India as it insists that Kashmir is a bilateral issue. At the same time, the Indian leader refused to hold a dialogue, exposing their bigotry. Though the issue may take a long time to settle, Mr. Khan’s effort opened a way for dialogue on the solution of a dispute between two neighbors in a peaceful manner. President Trump accepted the invitation to visit Pakistan, which is another success of Prime Minister because Pakistan has remained isolated for quite some time. Being the sole superpower, visit of the president of the US would garner the much-needed attention of the international leaders to Pakistan taking us out of isolation.

After coming to power, Muhammad Bin Sulaiman, King of Saudi Arabia and Ameer of Qatar, paid visits to Pakistan. Though the PTI government struggles with the handling of the economy and financial matters, it has succeeded on the international diplomatic front. Instead of boasting about his successful visit, Prime ministers need to bring together all stakeholders and boost the struggling economy. Moreover, the government might be preparing for the celebration of independence day and flutter national flag on the government buildings. The prime minister needs to inspire a new spirit of 1947 in the youth and impress upon them that they are the future guardians of Pakistan and must work hard to make every sector of the country strong.