TOBA TEK SINGH-Rajana police booked five suspects of Chak 339/GB for allegedly gang raping a woman and 14 others for manhandling and beating policemen to thwart arrest of the accused here on Monday.

A complainant informed the police in an FIR that his wife was on her way back home from Rajana in a rickshaw. At the bus stop of the village, five accused including Nadim, Hamza, Salim, Abdur Rauf, and Yasir forcibly took her to a nearby field where they allegedly gang-raped her. DPO Waqar Qureshi took notice of the FIR and directed Rajana police to immediately arrest the accused.

A Rajana police team, led by SHO Shabbir, raided the village to arrest the accused. But as many as 14 men and women, relatives of the accused, attacked the police team.

They tore their uniforms and inflicted severe injuries upon them. A Head Constable named M Asif was critically wounded and admitted to District Headquarters Hospital while the others were given first aid in the hospital. Police have registered another FIR against 14 suspects under sections 353, 225, and 186 of PPC and were conducting raids for the arrest of all the accused.