Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa has received a three year extension in his term — as announced in a notification from Prime Minister House. The extension has been announced in the wake of a severe crisis in Indian Occupied Kashmir, hectic debates with the Taliban, the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, and tensions in the Middle East.

Pakistan under the Pakistan Tehreek Insaf, headed by Prime Minister Imran Khan, is passing through a challenging time. The economy is in shambles, domestically the opposition and the government are at daggers drawn, internationally we are struggling to have our point of view resound effectively in the world, and the menace of India as an economic power looms large, where it casts a shadow on Pakistan’s genuine and justified grievances against the Hindu state under Modi.

In this situation General Qamar Javed Bajwa’s extension was considered likely, to provide a steadying hand. This is much needed, particularly during the term of the PTI government, which has not endeared itself to voters. Prices rising, the rupee losing power against the dollar, and with much of the opposition behind bars, PTI’s government needs the wisdom and sagacity of more seasoned experts to help guide the ship.

There is no doubt, that no one political party holds the trust of the Pakistani public. Deep mistrust governs the relationship between voters and political parties. Only the institutions of Pakistan hold the trust of the Pakistani public for their defence of Pakistan’s ideological and physical boundaries. While PTI can gain credit for recognizing the importance of the COAS to stability in the region, PTI itself must improve its performance. PTI is not out of the woods with its voters, or with the public.