Anti Narcotics Force (ANF) arrested 11 suspected drug traffickers and seized 296.24 Kg narcotics worth US $ 16.179 million in the international market in separate operations.

The seized drugs comprised of 252 kg hashish, 40.24 kg heroin,  1 kg opium and 3kg methamphetamine.

The ANF Nokkundi police raided a locality in Azad Landhi Tehsil Nokkundi, a Tehsil of Chaghi, and seized 50 kg of hashish and a motorcycle.

The ANF Lahore intercepted Hasnain Ali, a resident of Gujranwala, at Allama Iqbal International Airport and seized 2.900 Kg Heroin from his possession. The drug was tactfully concealed in his suit case and the suspected drug smuggler was travelling to Italy through Turkish Airline. 

In another operation, ANF Lahore police raided a location near Shoukat Khanam Hospital and arrested Muhammad Usman Ismail, resident of Lahore, along with 3.300 Kgs Hashish and a motorbike from his personal possession.

In third operation, ANF Multan police raided a locality near Ghazi Ghat Toll Plaza in DG Khan and seized 13.200 Kg Hashish. The hashish was concealed in the secret cavities of a car. The police also arrested a suspect, identified as Attique Ahmed, a resident of Sargodha. 

In fourth Operation, ANF Multan police intercepted Hafiz Rab Nawaz, a resident of Multan, and seized 1.340 Kg Heroin.

 The suspect was trying to smuggle drugs from Multan Airport to Dubai and Heroin was concealed in his trolley bag. 

In fifth operation, ANF Faisalabad raided at Gojra Sumandari Road and seized 1 Kg Opium and 1.200 Kg Hashish. The police also arrested  a suspected drug trafficker identified as Faiz Raza, a resident of TT Singh.

ANF Peshawar intercepted a car on University Road Peshawar and seized 26 Kg Heroin. The drug was lying in the trunk a car. The police arrested suspected drug trafficker, identified as Abdullah Shah, a resident of Khyber, on the spot.

In another operation, ANF KP, in collaboration with FC (KP) Khyber Rifles, intercepted a truck at Torkham Border  and seized 4 Kg Heroin. The heroin was placed under rear seat of driver cabin. The police also arrested Haji Gul, a resident of Peshawar.

ANF Korangi police intercepted a parcel at Leopard Courier Office Karachi, booked from Leopard sub office Gujrat by Muhammad Adnan, resident of Gujrat, which was sending  to Ali Hussain resident of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and recovered 3 Kg Methamphetamine which was soaked  in clothes. 

In another operation, ANF Sukkur police conducted a raid at Otaq (Bytak) of Rahib Ali situated at Village Mad Baho Tehsil Bakrani District Larkana and recovered 176Kg Hashish from said Otaq (Bytak). In third operation, ANF Karachi, PS Gulshan-e-Iqbal Karachi conducted an operation at Al Imdad Bus stop Sohrab Goth Super Highway Karachi and recovered 2.300Kg Hashish. Accused Latif Ullah resident of Karachi has been arrested on the spot.

ANF Rawalpindi seized recovered 1.200 Kg Hashish from a suspected drug trafficker identified as Muhammad Israr, a resident of Nowshera. 

All cases have been registered at respective ANF Police Stations under CNS Act 1997 and further investigations are underway.