ISLAMABAD - Pakistan and Chi­na have decided to undertake a long-term plan under the CPEC (2020-30) to boost agriculture sector.

The plan, according to a report published by Gwadar Pro on Wednes­day includes upgrading agricultur­al infrastructure, promoting the con­struction of water-saving modern agricultural zones, and increasing the development and remediation of medium- and low-yielding land to achieve efficient use of resources.

It also focuses on strengthening drip irrigation technology for water efficiency, strengthening cooperation in the fields such as crop farming, livestock breeding, forestry and food growing and aquatic and Fishery in the regions along the CPEC’s route.

Under the plan, the two sides will also take steps improving post-har­vest handling, storage and trans­portation of agricultural, products, and innovate in marketing and sales models.

They will also work to improve wa­ter resources operation and manage­ment, strengthen development of pastoral areas and desert, and pro­mote application of remote sensing technology.

It was hoped that the Pak-China co­operation will lead to strengthening of production of agriculture inputs par­ticularly pesticides, fertilizer, machin­ery and support services including ag­riculture education and research.

They also intend to collaborate in forestry, horticulture, fisheries and livestock medicines and vaccines and strengthen production of horti­culture products.

According to the report, joint ven­tures, value addition, cold chain management for fruits and vegeta­bles, marketing and branding would help Pakistan overcome weaknesses and increases agriculture exports to China and other countries.