MITHI - A large number of PPP workers gathered in Mithi Town on Wednesday to register their protest against the conspiracies being hatched against Sindh and its government by the vested interests. The workers carrying the party flags and banners after marching on different roads and streets converged at Kashmir Chowk where they staged the demonstration for over two hours to register their protest against the anti-democratic forces.

MPA Fakeer Sher Mohammad Bilalani, Advocate Veerji Kolhi, Shushil Malani, Nandlal Malhi, Samtra Manjani and other PPP leaders speaking to the protesting workers said that democratic-loving people of Sindh had always resisted and rendered sacrifices for the democracy and would never allow any force to push Sindh and Pakistan towards any chaotic situations. They said that all the conspiracies to divide Sindh and separate Karachi from Sindh would be resisted and those daydreaming to divide Sindh and topple Sindh government would only get denunciation from each and every true, patriotic Pakistani people.

They asked the unpopular people to mend their ways and stop such activities which were only creating the hatred among the people of Sindh and Pakistan. They said that party leadership under the able and dynamic leadership of Bilawal Bhutto Zardari would fight with forces and foil all their designs.

Meanwhile, in Mirpurkhas, hundreds of office bearers and workers of PPP took out protest rally from its party office here on Wednesday to protest against federal government atrocities against Sindh government, implicating PPP leader Asif Ali Zardari in false cases and conspiracy to seperate Karachi from Sindh. Led by MNA Shamim Aara Panhwer, General Secretary Mir Hassan Dhonkai and General Secretary PPP city Junaid Buland carrying banners and placards as well as party flags raised slogans against the federal government and Prime Minister.

They marched through main roads and arrived at local press club where leaders have strongly condemned the federal government for its policy towards Sindh government. They blamed that Asif Ali Zardari was being disturbed deliberately and Centre had implicated him in false cases. They further alleged that federal government hatching conspiracy to seperate Karachi on different pretext but PPP would make unsuccessful those conspiracies.

Bilawal happy over successful protest against PTI govt 


Pakistan Peoples Party Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said on Wednesday that successful protest demonstrations by the PPP workers across Sindh province against PTI government’s conspiracies against 1973 Constitution, 18th Amendment, NFC Award and its failure to control load-shedding of long durations, inflation, price-hike of utility commodities, unemployment and poverty should be an eye-opener for the PTI regime. In a statement, the PPP Chairman said that PPP workers recorded peaceful protests in every district headquarters to express their anger against the anti-people and anti-economy policies as the PTI’s Federal government had dragged into a quagmire of despair and hopelessness. Bilawal said that PPP was a democratic party and it would apply all the democratic and peaceful means of protests against the highhandedness of PTI’s selected regime against the masses of the country. He said that PPP had served this country and lost its leadership and thousands of workers during its struggle for the basic human and democratic rights of the people and it would continue the legacy under every situation.

PPP chairman appreciated the spirit of the party workers for holding completely peaceful protests as not a single stone was thrown during the province-wide protests and warned the PTI government to read the writings on the wall and desist from conspiring against the people, their unanimous constitution, 18th amendment, NFC Award and pursuing anti-people policies otherwise the protests could be expanded to the Tehsil and UC levels.

No power can separate Karachi from Sindh says PA Speaker

DADU: Sindh Assembly Speaker Agha Siraj Durrani has said that no power could dare to separate Karachi from Sindh, and advised citizens of the province not to get provoked by such moves.

Speaking to the media after visiting the shrine of Hazrat Lal Shahbaz Qalandar in Sehwan on Wednesday, he said those who were talking about bringing Karachi under federal rule were just daydreaming, adding that there was no such provision in the Constitution.

He said he did not think that the federal authorities would be able to take away Sindh’s capital from the province.

He was of the view that PPP’s opponent parties had been coining such ideas and similar rumours with intervals only to provoke the peaceful citizens of Sindh.

“Nobody can dare to snatch Karachi from Sindh until a single son of soil is alive here,” declared Agha Durrani, who is also serving as the acting governor in the absence of Governor Imran Ismail these days. He said the country’s affairs had to be run under the Constitution, which did not allow the federation to take any such step. He said if someone felt pleased by spreading such rumours, let him do that but rest assured, it was not practically possible to impose federal rule on Karachi.

In reply to a question about certain remarks of the Attorney General of Pakistan, he said the AG had already clarified his statement regarding imposition of governor’s rule on Sindh. As such, he added, there was no point for people to indulge in such a debate.

The PA speaker also ridiculed the rumours about arrest of some “bigwigs” in the days to come, and asked as to who was going to make such arrests and who was going to be arrested. He described all such things as fabrications. Giving the example of PPP co-chairperson Asif Ali Zardari’s 12-year incarceration before his honourable acquittal in certain cases, Agha Siraj said: “If I am arrested again, I will also come clean.”