ISLAMABAD - Senate Standing Committee on Information and Broadcasting on Wednesday sought details of all people recruited in PTV in the last one year as well as dis­cussed educational qualification, experience, salaries and benefits of Chairman and MD PTV.

The committee was of the view that high salaries and perks of professionals recruited can be justified only if the output of the State Television speaks of any improvement in terms of its ratings, revenue or production quality. 

The committee directed PTV to provide details of the com­plete procedures followed for recruitment and also decided to have to comprehensive, all-en­compassing briefing from PTV regarding its structure, issues and future plans. 

The meeting was held under the chairmanship of Senator Faisal Javed Khan at the Parlia­ment House. 

He raised the question on the appointments on highly paid parsons in PTV and said, “what is their qualification and exper­tise that they are getting salaries in millions. 

Our Prime Minister’s monthly salary is two hundred thousand that’s why we will not allow to waste public money without performance.” 

He directed the PTV admin­istration to pay proper glow­ing tribute to Rauf Khalid on his work for PTV as well as for the wonderful productions for the Kashmir cause. 

The Committee also direct­ed PTV to conduct a study into international best practices re­garding provision of a few sec­onds delay in transmission of House proceedings to avoid air­ing of such content. 

The committee directed Min­istry of Information and Broad­casting to conduct a workshop for Parliamentary reporters re­garding the best practices to follow Parliamentary proceed­ings and adhering to the restric­tion of the expunged words from publication or airing.

This was in reference to the discussion on a point of public importance raised by Senator Nauman Wazir Khattak regard­ing publication of words in a newspaper that were expunged from the proceedings. 

The newspaper that published the news was asked to take the matter up in the editorial com­mittee and ensure publication of regret over the story that con­tained the expunged words.

The details were also sought on the matter of pending pay­ments to media houses and de­lay in disbursing salaries to journalists. 

The Committee was told that out of a total of Rs.1.15 bil­lion that were due to the me­dia houses, Rs.916 million have been paid and around Rs.200 million are remaining.