ISLAMABAD The family members of Professors Raja Ehsan Aziz and Najma Sana, who were picked up by law enforcement agencies during the last couple of weeks, have demanded of the Government to produce them before the court. According to details, officials of secret agencies picked up Professor Ehsan on December 16. He was accused of having links with some terrorist groups. Likewise Professor Najma Sana was arrested because she hired a driver and didnt collect national identity card or any other documents from him. According to secret agencies, a mobile SIM used in a terrorist activity was issued against his (drivers) national identity card. The law enforcers also arrested the driver from her home. Former MNA and central member of Tehrik-e-Islami, Aamira Ehsan Aziz, told TheNation that her husband, Professor Ehsan, was twice detained earlier by the secret agencies for inquiry purposes but they could not find any clue against him. She said if her husband was culprit, he should be produced before the court according to the law of the land. It is against the democratic norms to deprive someone from ones basic rights including right of independence, she regretted. She said Professor Najma Sana operates a homeopathic clinic and charges levelled against her are totally weak. She said everyone knows that there has been no proper mechanism for issuance of SIMs in the country. In many cases a lot of SIMs have been issued against the same national identity card and even the concerned person doesnt know about it, she added. Aamira Ehsan Aziz said that it was wrong that her son Omer was wanted by the investigating agencies. She said Omer is a student of International Islamic University and has no links with any banned outfit, adding he is also a heart patient. Aamira said that her 65-year-old husband is suffering from diabetic and lever related diseases. She said that whole of her family was suffering from severe mental agony and fear that Ehsan Aziz might be physically tortured. Aamira further said both Ehsan and Najma are teachers and have no link with any terrorist group. They have been picked up only because of an illiterate driver, she added. A neighbour of Ehsan informed TheNation that all family members of detained Professor are well learned and quite peaceful. He said he along with other dwellers of the area requested to the officials of the investigative agencies not to detain him at the time of his arrest. A friend of Professor Ehsan told that he (Ehsan) never encouraged anti-state ideas and could never be involved in terrorist activities. Despite numerous attempts, not a single official of law enforcement agencies could be approached for comments on this issue. However, police officials showed their ignorance in this regard.