PESHAWAR Increasing American influence is detrimental to economy and integrity of Pakistan and the rulers should get rid of it as soon as possible, a renowned economist and philosopher said here on Saturday. Talking exclusively to TheNation, President Pakistan Economy Watch, Dr. Murtaza Mughal, said American economic support comes with strings attached, which is damaging all sections of society. It has jeopardised the security and integrity of Pakistan. Dr. Mughal who is also Additional Secretary General Nazria-e-Pakistan Trust, Islamabad Chapter, and founder of countrys first ideological school said peace is not possible in the presence of hundreds of US intelligence operators and thousands of mercenaries of Blackwater. The US plan for establishing ROZs in tribal territory along Afghan border is nothing but a pipe dream and will remain on papers, he said. To a question about enhancing revenue, he said the Government is likely to miss the revenue target. This will leave rulers with no choice but to carry begging bowl again, he added. The officials at the helm of affairs are pushing a flawed policy of squeezing existing taxpayers to boost collections, he said and added they should have enough courage to nab big fish. He said that Pakistan Revenue Automated System Limited (PRAL) developed for improving sales tax collection is far from perfection. It has inflicted great losses to country since 1994, he said. This system suffers from serious issues in risk management that has helped the unprincipled elements make quick money. It hasnt contributed towards transparency or enhanced revenue collection, rather it has opened new venues for tax evasion and false claims, said Dr. Mughal. PRAL is getting juicy contracts in violation of rules and regulations but internal auditors, Auditor General of Pakistan and Public Accounts Committee have never noticed it, he said. This is the reason that despite tall claims about improved collections, the taxation system of country is still limping, he lamented. Responding to a question about NRO, he said that the decision of Supreme Court has put a check on corruption. In future, politicians as well as bureaucrats will think twice before exceeding their mandate for personal welfare, he said. Now the CJ should focus on economic criminals who have been playing havoc with country and masses since decades, he added. All NRO beneficiaries should immediately be removed from important positions in economic and financial concerns where the investments of public are involved, demanded Mughal.