I think this article by a friend of mine - (a highly regarded author, political analyst based in the US and newspaper columnist) best sums up the contradictions in our society. Unless we exorcise our demons in public and somehow atone for all evils in the past we cannot come out of this vicious circle of hypocrisy and deceit and corruption (moral and financial).

We have almost reached a watershed in our failed travails to establish a nationally accepted rallying point from which to move ahead. After seeing Mandela’s funeral, I was struck by the fact that all our national leaders died in disgrace. Jinnah was spared this fate by dying a year earlier; yet his end is black spot in our history. He was left dying in a broken down car on the roadside.

Time has run out - Syria, (and earlier Tunisia, Egypt), now shows the road which we too will shortly travel. Today after the silly motions by our politicians on internal matters, in Bangladesh we have finally lost our last friend. These politicians who wring their bloody hands on the hanging of the mullah forget they were the same people who did not allow a few hundred thousand Biharis (patriotic Pakistani citizens) to come to Pakistan and yet allowed millions of criminal Afghans to settle here and cause death and destruction.

As Shakepeare says .... the evil lives on.


Lahore, December 19.