It is a heart wrenching reality that the people of this country are regarded as objects or subjects, not as citizens, by our ruling elite and octopus bureaucracy. Had they treated the common man as a citizens they would have honoured all those rights guaranteed by the Constitution of Pakistan? They would have mitigated the miseries, perils and problems of the people. The rule of law would have formed the basis of the society and the state, where there is now a rule of lawlessness and rule of individuals and the citizens are seen struggling for a better world, for a better society, for a better country to live in and hundreds of thousands of people have said goodbye to this country and preferred to settle even in the African countries. They preferred to be second class citizens than live in their own country because they believed that a better Pakistan is a hopeless dream. Against this background, like many others, I am of the opinion that we will not win without a fight, political and legal fight, against the usurpers and exploiters? For me and millions it is ‘Now or Never.’


 Islamabad, December 1.