The recent incident in Peshawar, where a score of teenage school children along with the school staff were brutally massacred by a group of terrorists affected everyone. The seeds of hatred, which had been sown more than three decades ago, have now grown into a full-fledged tree whose branches have spread all over the country. We are yet to unanimously decide whose war are we fighting? Gone are the leaders, who initially pampered the militancy, in the veil of religion at the encouragement and pushing of western powers in early eighties. But their remnants in the form of various political and religious leaders are still around.

These men of the cloth have never lost any of their near and dear ones, in this so-called holy war, still in my opinion they think that they are on the right path. The entire nation, including politicians, media and various forums should now openly criticize these terrorists without fear of any backlash. There are no good Taliban, we must be sure and hold steadfast to the belief that what they are doing is anti-Islam. They must stop believing that they are in a Jihad or the ones who blow themselves are martyrs. It is time that we should set our priorities right and remove this menace forever.


Karachi, December 17.