I am hereby writing in your esteemed newspaper in support of all the Muslim community living throughout the world. Muslims constitutes the second largest population of the world and should be given due respect for covering the major proportion of the world’s economy.

In the recent past an unprecedented organised group of extremists rose to the world under the banner of ISIS claiming their actions to be in accordance with the divine orders sent down by the Allah Almighty. Their actions could be questioned as it include brutally killing of innocent children and women by the name of Islamic Law enforcement. We as a Muslim are aware of this fact that life of a single human being is as precious as a Million Dollar Jackpot and a Muslim cannot kill his fellow being until or unless he commits a sin that is considered a Gunah e Kabira (Major Sin), still he needs to take after the enactment for he being the inhabitant of the state.

The Islamic State, also known as the Islamic state of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS)takes after a particular assortment of Islam whose convictions about the way to the Day of Judgment matter to its system, and can help the West know its foe and anticipate its conduct. This has led to a very negative image of the Muslim throughout the world, every single attack on humanity is done by the so-called Islamic monolithic and the world has started to believe every Muslim individual to be a terrorist. As a result the basic right of living has been splintered in many parts of the world. The world I believe has taken a judgmental eye and is trying two hunts with one arrow. They are making life miserable for people living abroad in search of bread n butter for their family. They are being tortured morally and at times physically and are being treated as a stubborn child of the family.

The world needs to understand the Islam is a religion of peace and we care about peace as much as others do and actions of certain lunatics should not account for the credibility of 1.6 billion Muslims. The World needs to distinguish the factors that a Muslim will not burn the house designated for the Worship of Allah (the Masjid), in the recent past there are more claimed attacks on masjids than on any other places of worship. They have taken Muslim individuals as hostage and are being killed mercilessly for the sake of attention only. This war against terrorism should continue as it is but it should not significantly become the war against the Muslims.


Islamabad, December 30.

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