Earlier in the morning rumors of Abdul Sattar Edhi’s death had been circulating on the social media. The Nation contacted the Edhi Foundation and was told by the call operator, “Edhi sahib is perfectly well and healthy. We don’t know who has circulated this false news.” 

Abdul Sattar Edhi has been ill for a long time, but today, all of a sudden, the Twitterati started tweeting prayers for his health and well being. An online newspaper also posted the news of his death. When the Edhi foundation was contacted they said that he was perfectly well and were upset on rumors that have been circulating.

Edhi, despite being ill, has not stopped working for humanity. He is one of the most respected people in Pakistan, whose philanthropic work is appreciated the world over.

“He has been going undergoing dialysis twice a week and has had renal failure. There are many people who are willing to donate their kidney, but Edhi is too weak to undergo any transplant surgery. As soon as he gets better he will get it done,” said the operator.