CTZ Pennsylvania - Katy Perry has launched Katy Perry Pop, a mobile app game from the same makers of Kim Kardashian Hollywood.

In the game, players must rise from their lowly existence of coffee shop waitress to the dizzying heights of chart-topping supremacy. They are assisted by the 31-year-old Prism hitmaker herself. 

Using the exact same style avatars developer Glu designed for Kim’s universe, users can customise outfits, accessories, hairstyles and even the shape of their head as they prepare to make their assault on the charts.

Without a slew of famous family members to interact with, the only other superstar entity you will encounter in the early stages of the game - besides Katy herself - is Left Shark. The game opens with you working a shift at the Rise & Grind coffee shop, trying to convince - through very limited conversation options - your boss to allow you perform at open mic night. Serendipitously, Katy walks in and is blown away by your voice, and things move pretty quickly from there.

Within minutes you are recording your first hit single, chatting with the owner of her record label - even though she is appalled you haven’t heard of the ‘Top Songs Charts’ - and garnering Twitter followers by the bucket load. Best of all, Katy even supplies you with a literal pair of rose-tinted glasses, that allow you to see the world as she does: a trippy psychedelic filter called Katy Vision. Katy Perry celebrated the holidays early last weekend by inviting more than 100 loved ones to attend a private screening of festive classic home alone. The pop star rented out Los Angeles’ Vista Theatre on Sunday to host a pyjama part of sorts after handing out onesies as gifts for her family and friends to change into. They were also treated to warm winter beverages, including hot chocolate for children and hot toddy cocktails for adults, and snacks including pizza, popcorn and candy as they settled in to watch the 1990 movie, which features MACaulay Culkin as a young boy who gets left behind by his family over Christmas. ‘It’s one of Katy’s favourite holiday movies,’ an attendee tells Us Weekly. ‘So she decided to screen it as her holiday party this year. ‘Katy was milling about in the lobby. At the beginning of the screening, she said, ‘Thanks for coming. I’m bad at public speaking. Enjoy the movie!’‘