MIANWALI: Chief of Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan on Sunday predicted that his party will soon rule the country.

Khan was participating in the convocation of National University of Modern Languages (NUML) in Mianwali.

Talking at the ceremony, Khan felicitated the parents over the performances of their children.

On this occasion, he said that the provincial government is in contact with the authorities, seeking additional land for the construction of stadium outside the university.

He further advised the youngsters to work for making their dreams true instead of only focusing on doing jobs. He said that we should refrain from egoism.

Imran Khan devoted the students to play role in revolution and better future of Pakistan. He said that serving the nation should be the main aim of every citizen.

PTI chief also lashed out at the incumbent government and said that the leaders are not afraid of death as they are busy in making money.