Right to education


I am writing this letter to direct the attention of our officials towards the indisputable fact that children of the poor also have a right to acquire knowledge and free themselves from poverty. Going to the market and witnessing those innocent souls with torn clothes and starving stomachs kills me from inside. It was their fate that caused them to be born in a poor household. Shouldn’t they be given just a chance to take their future in their own hands and work hard to make it different from their present? Shouldn’t they be given a right to quality education?

According to UNESCO’s recent report, 5.5 million children are out of school in Pakistan and this is the second highest number in the world. No change in this statistical figure indicates that no serious initiatives are being taken in Pakistan to eradicate illiteracy among children. Moreover, the schools existing for such children are failing miserably in providing quality education

What we need now from the Education Ministry of Pakistan is not some new scheme of charity or a call for more schools but a deeper insight into the system of existing school’s is required. We need to investigate the reason behind this failure of public schools. This road to quality education for poor children must begin by implementing instead of recommending. I am convinced that quality education in these schools can never be provided until the faculty is educated till a required level together with the change in attitude of both the administration members and faculty. There should be a proper check and balance system.


Lahore, November 22.

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