KARACHI: The revelations in the most horrible terror act of Safoorah carnage have not only created grave alarms but have also caused the Sindh police’s Counter terrorism department (CTD) to accelerate their search for the remaining members of the terror group.

The Safoorah carnage was a highly tragic terror incidence in which highly educated young terrorists picked some 40 members of the Ismaili community and killed them one after another by shooting them in their

heads on May 13, 2015 in Karachi.

The information the CTD have obtained from the terrorists under arrest has disclosed that a big network of lady terrorists, female aides to terrorists and female facilitators and wives of terrorists exists in Karachi is working on their plans to implement their agenda of wreckage through terror acts.

In this regard, the CTD is in search of 19 women among a lady doctor Sadia. Dr Sadia is alleged of providing medical treatment to the wives of terrorists at a private hospital located in city’s most posh residential area, Defence Housing Authority or DHA from 2004 to 2006.

Dr Sadia, a gynaecologist, is also alleged of serving as facilitator of those terrorists, who carried the Safoorah carnage.

The CTD has formed teams for arresting those 19 female terrorists. Meanwhile, the CTD had on Friday arrested 2 more suspects Adil Masood and Khalid Yousuf from Clifton on their alleged involvement in Safoora carnage. They had trade relations with main suspect in Safoorah carnage Saad Aziz aka Tin Tin.

The CTD has on Saturday despatched a laptop to Forensic lab. The laptop is owned by the arrested suspects.