Islamabad - Lamenting the moral state of the society and decline of morality among people, Justice Mushir Alam, a judge of the Supreme Court has stressed to promote a culture of morality in the society.

He expressed these views in the certificate awarding ceremony at the conclusion of a one-week training course on “effective administrative/ financial management” for senior civil judges at FJA yesterday in which he was the chief guest.

The judge said, “It is not just the moral crisis of our society that we lament, but tragic fact is that we are not sensitive to the moral decadence within our country. We all must promote and submit to moral and ethical values. A culture of morality promotes tolerance and human harmony in the society because morally bankrupt societies become litigious and a culture of litigious becomes synonymous with them as we see and experience in our society nowadays.”

He further said, “When we understand and encourage understand others culture then we become moral and tolerant beings. As a result, a just and tolerant society becomes a reality where people condemn the suppression of human rights and encourage respect for human rights. We all know that the religion’s key concern is the dignity of all human beings.”

Fakhar Hayat, Director General of the Academy presented his welcome speech and an overview of the training course and said, “The success of any training course requires a fluent and positive flow of information and opinions between participants involved in it.”

, this Academy always arranges such courses and provides a platform for the trainees so that they enhance their knowledge and share their practical experience and prepare themselves for future challenges.”

On the occasion, Sajida Ahmad, Senior Civil Judge Hafizabad, spoke on behalf of the trainees and presented a memento to the Academy management on behalf of the trainees.

In the end, the twenty–five course participants including two females were given certificates.