A very common complaint of opposition is that the Mangla and Tarbela dams have reduced the flow of water in the River Indus and similarly the Kalabagh will do so as well resulting in Sindh becoming a desert.

In reality however, the Mangla and Tarbela dams have increased the flow in the canals of Sindh from 35.6 million acres per feet per year to 44.5 million acre per feat per year after the construction of both of the dams and it is predicted that the Kalabagh Dam will do the same. It is due to illusions like these that the construction of the much needed dam is put on hold. The record can be set straight by a simple task of creating awareness through the good offices of the media.

I appeal to the editors and the anchor persons to allow print and air space to my letters on the subject, the contents of which can easily be verified from the respective provincial irrigation departments. There are only a few of us who have the relevant information on this complex subject and our numbers are dwindling. Very soon there will be no one left to speak up for a project so vital for the teeming millions.


Lahore, November 7.