PANJGUR -  At least five unidentified armed men yesterday attacked the hunting convoy of an Arab sheikh in district Panjgur with no report of casualty.

Panjgur Deputy Commissioner Habibur Rehman confirmed Arab Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al-Nahyan’s convoy, while passing through tehsil Gichk Lodi Farari for hunting purpose, came under attack by five unknown attackers riding motorcycles.

The attackers resorted to indiscriminate fire on the hunting convoy of the Arab sheikh, affirmed the deputy commissioner. All the people in the convoy remained safe. However, four bullets hit one of the vehicles and damaged its tyres and engine. The security forces’ retaliation forced the attackers to flee.

It merits mentioning the farmers and residents of the districts concerned had poured into streets against the hunting of houbara bustard by the Qatari princes and Arab Sheikhs, saying their standing crops had been destroyed during the hunting.

Earlier, PTI provincial president Sardar Yard Muhammad Rind had warned province-wide protest against the hunting of precious birds of houbara bustard in Kachhi district. The residents of Washuk had also lodged protest against the hunting.

Adviser to Balochistan Chief Minister on Livestock and Forests Ubaidullah Jan Babat had denied permission to the Arab hunting parties for houbara bustard in the province. Babat had alleged the federal government had bypassed the provincial government by allowing them to hunt in Balochistan.