VEHARI (-Vehari District Election Commissioner Aamir Javed said that the Election Commission has issued Code of Conduct for the elections of local bodies’ heads being held on 22nd.

He said that it had imposed a ban on carrying mobile phones inside the polling stations during polling on 22nd. He added that the returning officer concerned would be responsible to ensure the implementation of the code of conduct. The returning officers shall ensure secrecy of votes and take immediate legal action under section 55 or 56 of Punjab Local Government Act 2013 in case of violation, he said.

“No MNA or MPA shall be permitted to visit the polling stations. Each district returning officer shall ensure foolproof security arrangements at least one day before the poll and in this regard a meeting has been held and a letter sent to DPO Vehari,” he said. He added no unauthorised person including politicians shall be permitted to enter the polling stations.