RAWALPINDI - Pakistan Ambassador to Iran Asif Ali Khan Durani paid a visit to the Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI) here on Monday.

Addressing traders, the ambassador said that Pakistan and Iran are fastened in different bonds of culture, history, language and religion. He said there are tremendous opportunities to improve trade relations between the two countries. “Pakistan is facing a huge energy crisis and Iran has an enough power source in term of electricity and gas,” he added. He said there are great opportunities for Pakistani businessmen to tap in trade opportunities in Iran.

“Pharmaceutical, information technology, petro chemical and commodities can serve as key areas of investment to improve bilateral trade. Iran is a big market and Pakistani goods have a good reputation and value in Iranian market. There is a big demand of Pakistani basmati Rice,” he added. However, there is a need to improve the banking channels to address the LC issues and air links with direct flights from Tehran to Islamabad and other cities. We are aware of these facts and working hard to address them. He informed the participants about the upcoming “Aalishan Pakistan Expo” in Iran to be held on March 4-7. Asif Durrani assured his full cooperation and said that his office is ready to provide any assistance in this regard.

In his welcome address, RCCI President Raja Amer Iqbal said that the exchange of delegations is important. Single country exhibitions can be a great source of introducing products in each other’s Market, he said. He assured that RCCI will participate in upcoming “Aalishan Pakistan Expo” in Tehran.