LAHORE - Jamaat-e-Islami chief Sirajul Haq has said the country is being ruled by the agents of the East India Company who secured vast land from the British rulers for their treachery towards the Muslims of subcontinent.

Addressing the central parliamentary advisory council of the JI yesterday at Mansoora, he said that a movement similar to the historic Pakistan Movement was imperative to free the nation from the hold of these slaves of the world imperialism.

“These rulers have no moral ground to remain in power after the allegations of corruption against them surfaced,” Siraj held. It was an irony that a motorcycle rider was detained for not having documents but the country’s rulers who did not submit documents of their properties worth trillions of rupees were still clinging to their offices, he added.

The JI council on occasion declared Panama leaks issue ‘a scar on the country’s history’, saying the delaying tactics of the government in a bid to escape accountability in mega corruption scandal were only defaming the country at world level.

The council noted that while seventy per cent of the country’s population did not have safe drinking water, and more than forty per cent was living below poverty line, the rulers were building palaces for luxurious living.

It further pointed out the general public was being denied the right of education and health. Around twenty million children of school going age were compelled to do odd jobs to supplement family earnings and each bed in government hospital was having three patients.

Recalling the weaknesses of the present electoral system as felt during the 2013 elections, the JI advisory body called for major electoral reforms to ensure fair, free and transparent elections in 2018.

The JI council also reiterated its demand for holding elections under the system of proportionate representations so that the influence of wealth was minimised.

The council demanded immediate solution of the IDPs issue. It noted the IDPs had rendered huge sacrifices to for the security of the country but the government was not taking the issue seriously.

The meeting also called upon the government to withdraw its decision to cancel the computerised national Identity cards of the residents of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Karachi. It also demanded the provincial local governments act be amended to grant powers and financial assistance to the local bodies in Balochistan. Besides that, technical training programmes should be initiated at large scale in Balochistan to train technical man power to meet the demand of the CPEC and admissions in the technical education centers be made on merit.

The meeting expressed deep concern over the rulers’ efforts to push the constitution into background and promoting dictatorial rule. It also condemned Sindh law on forced conversions.