MANDI BAHAUDDIN-The Anti-Corruption Movement activists welcomed the statement of Chief Justice-designate Mian Saqib Nisar that he would not tolerate corruption and play a key role to eradicate the menace from the country.

The activists including ex-soldiers, in a meeting with Major (r) Sher Muhammad Gondal, the district president of Pakistan Ex-Servicemen Society (PESS), at PESS Office praised the Justice’s concerns about prevalent corruption in the country. Sher Gondal speaking on the occasion said that ex-soldiers had been holding rallies to create awareness among public about negative effects of corruption on the society. He considered it more dangerous than terrorism.

Ongoing corruption is crippling the basic rights of downtrodden and performance of government departments including judiciary, he said. No accountability is seen in the country as the law of “Might is Right” prevails and under such situation people find themselves helpless, he said.

He said the most of judges succumb to pressure and influence of rulers and lawyers’ leaders while deciding cases to save their service. There have been incidents where judges were humiliated and insulted for not accepting pressure of lawyers and no action under the law was taken against those who misbehaved with judges, he said.

Police stations and Patwarkhanas are big centres of corruption and since the emergence of Pakistan, no ruler had been able to reform them, he said. Sher Gondal said ex-soldiers with citizens would continue spreading the message of National Accountability Bureau “Say No To Corruption” by holding rallies. But the best way to curb corruption is enforcement of law by the authorities, he added.