MIRPURKHAS - Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP) Chairman Mustafa Kamal has said that he has come to the country to save future of the nation.

He said he had refused to take benefits from MQM chief Altaf Hussain in the past, and now had come to the masses to serve them.

He was speaking as a chief guest at a Women’s Convention held here on Monday at Hameedpura colony. Strict security arrangements were made on the occasion.

He further said, “We have left behind the MQM since it would take decisions behind closed doors. These decisions were against masses. And we have decided to serve the people without any discrimination.”

Kamal alleged that MQM-London leader (Altaf Hussain) was implementing the enemy’s agenda. “Owing to his policies, thousands of people were killed and their children became orphans and women widows,” he added.  

He asked female members of the PSP to attend meeting of the party scheduled for Dec 23with the mission that they would not make their children dacoits and target killers, and would give them education and knowledge of the world. 

He recalled that last time when he had arrived in Mirpurkhas, some miscreants had created hurdles; even attacked party’s caravan on the directives of senior office-bearers of MQM-London.

“But we did not take any action against them and today large number of people, including women, have welcomed us. This proves that masses are supporting PSP,” he added.

Senior Vice Chairman Anees Ahmed Qaimkhani Advocate said that he had given 30 years to the MQM. “Now I realise that I wasted my time due to activities of Altaf Hussain who was promoting the enemy’s agenda.

Mir Atique Talpur also spoke at the Women Convention. 

On the occasion, Dr Kulsoom, an activist of Muslim League Functional, belonging to taluka Sindhri, announced his joining of PSP.