STOCKHOLM - A miniature gingerbread city won top prize at a gingerbread house competition in Sweden on the weekend.

Building gingerbread houses is a Christmas tradition in Sweden, where the Swedish Centre for Architecture and Design has organised an annual contest since 1990. This year’s winning entry by economics student Evalina Asp took 40 hours to build and featured several gingerbread towers dusted with icing sugar to represent snow.

Asp said her creation was a play on this year’s theme for the competition - “hemlighet” - or “secrets” in English, and “hem” which also means “home”. “I was thinking about my own secrets and do my neighbours have any secrets, my friends,” she said.

“And then I was thinking about a city. So everyone in every city has secrets, so I was trying to make a whole nice city, with a party inside of it.”

The 161 gingerbread houses in this year’s exhibition in Stockholm will remain on display until Jan. 8.