LAHORE - Motorists yesterday experienced hours-long traffic mess in different parts of the provincial metropolis.

A traffic police spokesman said that two student groups blocked the Canal and Raiwind roads to stage protest demonstrations which caused the problem. He said that the policemen diverted the traffic towards alternative routes and additional force was deployed at diversion points to guide the motorists.

Two student groups of different universities staged protest demonstration by blocking two important arteries, Canal road and Raiwind road. They also chanted slogans and demanded the authorities to fulfill their demands. The Canal and Raiwind roads blockade caused worst traffic mess in several parts of the city. There was bumper to bumper traffic on the signal-free Jail Road, Mall Road, Canal Road, Ferozepur Road, Wahdat Road, Multan Road, Bund Road, GT Road Baghbanpura, and Lower Mall. The traffic snarl-up also caused problems for the residents in the congested areas including Mozang, Samanabad, Garhi Shahu, Misri Shah, Mughalpura, Nolakha, and Gowalmandi. The traffic situation worsened in the evening as a great number of people left their workplaces for homes amid huge rush. The wardens switched off the signals on some important crossings and tried to operate the vehicular traffic manually but they failed to manage the snarl-up.

The police diverted the flow of traffic from the busy roads towards congested areas which further aggravated the situation, according to motorists.

There was also worst traffic mess in the posh areas including Gulberg, Johar Town, Model Town, Defense Road, and Liberty Market. The policemen were struggling to ensure smooth flow of vehicular traffic in many parts of the provincial metropolis till late yesterday night.