The proscribed terrorist group claimed to have shot-down the chopper – understood to be an attack helicopter – near the T4 air base east of Homs.

According to brief statement released said that: "A Russian combat helicopter is downed over T4 Airbase east of Homs."

Russia intervened in Syria last September to help president Bashar al-Assad help defeat the crazed organisation, also known as Daesh.

Earlier , ISIS released images of their fighters operating near the airbase, which is used by Russian and Syrian government forces. One of the pictures – shared widely by warped Daesh supporters on social media – showed a truck mounted with an anti-aircraft gun. The Russian Defence Ministry has yet to comment.

It is pertinent to mention here that ISIS claimed to have shot down Russian attack helicopter with a guided missile near the Huwaysis region of Syria. Russian officials would only confirm that a flight "delivering humanitarian assistance" was "forced to make an emergency landing".