TOBA TEK SINGH/SHEIKHUPURA-The PTI is now in a position to win the elections of Toba Municipal Committee chairman and vice chairman as PML-N councillor Ishaq Dogar has announced to defect from the ruling party to the PTI.

Now the PTI has 21 voters’ support again and PML-N’s 19 votes. Toba would be one of just a few cities in Punjab province where PTI has gained majority of votes in Municipal Committee to get its candidate elected as chairman of the MC. In 40-member Toba MC house, the PTI has 21 and PML-N has 19 votes after the elections of 10 reserved seats. The PTI had won six and PML-N had got elected its four councillors on reserved seats. About a week ago, the PML-N had succeeded to get one PTI’s councilor Mian Muhammad Atif. After his defection, the PML-N and PTI had become equal as both had 20 votes each. Now, PML-N councillor Sardar Ishaq Dogar has joined PTI which is again in majority and able to win the election.