I shared a post on a social media site that had content about the recent Turbat cylinder explosion and its victims. The reactions of many people from Punjab were outrageous and I was being denounced as always while talking about the issues of Balochistan.

The land of Baluchistan is unique in its resources and is the only way to boost the economy of Pakistan according to some analysts who better not be named here. Quetta, Mekran and Chagi are the core of illegal importation from Iran. Turbat, where the recent incident took place, being the second largest and to some extent the most developed city of Balochistan, still needs the compressed gas cylinders from Iran. One can only imagine the ambiance of the rest of the province.

All public sector universities in Punjab offer 1% quota in each department to students from Baluchistan who are living in a catastrophic situation where every child born in the rich land of Balochistan has to inherit poverty. These are the students who, on one side are suffering from the issue of missing persons and on the other side have no educational standards. Still, they have to prove themselves loyal to Pakistan.

When I see the students from Balochistan in my university, who have to be the victim of fanaticism, my heart bleeds. I wonder why the sons of the richest motherland are at the doors of others. Bitterly, people from Punjab meet them under the guise of sympathy. But the fact is Balochistan is like that mother who refused to eat apples when her family was one short in number by saying “I don’t like apples”.

I am a student at university of Gujrat and I am not from Balochistan but I can still feel the throb and pain of Baloch people because I know how it feels when your family hasn’t eaten for three days and you are still being forced to be loyal to Pakistan. I think an empty stomach has neither any religion nor any patriotism. It’s the need of hour; either the government should revamp its policies or give Balochistan a golden handshake.


Gujrat, December 9.