Who does not hate being stuffy with a lot of winter coatings and inners? One warm layer is what most of us want to go with. The problem is, why can’t we just wear a single fit which is warm enough and does not require anymore layering?

Let’s have a look at some single cloth fashion that is warm and classy enough to pull up our winter fad. There are a few new trends and hacks we can try in order to tackle the cold weather with ultimate style.



Whenever we hear the word 'winter', Velvet is what comes to our mind. It is not just to wear on formal events. You can style this piece in the most exotic way if you know how to mould a basic velvet piece into something haughty. The simpler it is, the classier it would be. Take a plain velvet shirt and pair it with a plain pair of pants in the same colour. There isn’t a day when you can’t pull off a basic look with total grace with velvet. Not only this, basic velvets can be paired with jeans, culottes, stiff or wide pants, etc. Moreover, a pinch of embellishment also doesn’t hurt to slip into a semi-formal look. 



From jeans to jackets, denim has made its eastern entry with full swing in almost all the renowned brands in Pakistan. But considering that denim can be an uncomfortable fabric, denim-like fabric, thick enough to carry, can be worn as an alternative. Breakout has got you an easy solution in its new collection. This way, you do not have to go with more layers, thus, making it a perfect pick for formal as well as causal gathering.

Checkered kurta:


Check prints have dominated the western wear for a long time and now you can dress them in a traditionally eastern way by pairing them with black pants or culottes. Check printed frocks are also garbed with joggers or high wedge sneakers.

Printed Khaddar shirts:

Khaddar now makes a fashion statement with all the designers giving it a glamorous makeover. Prints bring life to an outfit. Go crazy with cool colors like baby pink, light blue, teal and violet. Khadar is an extremely warm yet a classy fabric to roll into east or west fits. Flaunt a khaddar tunic or shirt with palazzos and you are sure to stand out in a crowd.

Thick dress pants:

Wearing leggings and tights underneath is the most uncomfortable thing to put on with an already blubbery outfit. The best solution is to go for thick dress pants that can be matched with any shirts, tunics or frocks. Dress pants can be designed into wide culottes, boot cuts or bell bottoms. Breakout has got some amazing variety of pleated and broad pants to pump up our fashion game.