In last few days, weeks, a few significant developments took place! Long walk of Molana called off, Nawaz treatment, COAS meeting with PM and khan going on two day leave from work.

When nation is not taken into confidence, alarming silence on facts and figures, secret meetings behind closed doors, media playing business, people can only calculate what is going on behind the scenes. Most significant of all development is PM going on leave. The first sign of fatigue, defat in political arena by khan, expressed by his distance from “happenings”! Khan seems to have learned, the hard way, that he is not in charge! The apparent reason is the meeting of the Chief of Army with PM.

Looks like khan was directly briefed about closed door negotiations with Molana which resulted in dharna being called off. Sadly the scenario depicts a certain date for elections agreed and khans resignation in the offing and he has accordingly been informed. He must understand by now, that what he could deliver by staying in opposition, he can not give while in the chair. Clearly chair belongs to the “ruling elite” and he is merely a puppet in the hands of a sick, ugly, filthy, stinking system.

Khan, if he has any self respect left, must resign! This is the time when he can, still, win public opinion, revisit and gather lost momentum of his political theory of insaaf, which died the day he accepted the “gifted chair”!

If I was khan, which I will never be, he should refer to the die hard supporters and seek a fresh mandate. Which he needs badly, get a clear strong majority and try and change the whole sick system. He must keep his cards close to his heart and surrender to the ever dirty politics behind the scenes.

Clearly, the long March has won some glories for the business minded Molana. We will never know what happened until next ten years when many of us will have gone! Nawaz, reportedly, is not agreeing to bonds, cause he has already paid certain price for corruption which he thinks is good enough. He does not feel the need to pay on top and lose public opinion rapidly and another that he has done what he is accused of. The rotten system continues.

Khan needs to use his own brains, show political acumen and think in two days of leave, that he will never get this chance again to tell people about the “behind the scenes” pulls and pressure he faced at the hands of certain think tanks, that he is now a used bullet, with no sting to make impressions on the people. It is sad that his “forced” two day leave ,tells nothing but the depression he has gone into, without telling “who” will be in charge of state affairs”, in his two days absence! I had said much before, end is nigh. Obviously I am not a palm reader to tell exact time and date of “withdrawal from his position”.

However what is crystal clear is that a date for resignation and election has been agreed. Like always the campaign for general elections and a grooming of a new PM and political party will begin sooner rather than later.

Sad, my heart my soul Pakistan continues to bleed!