The people of Karachi are deprived from pure stuff as everything is seemed adulterated. Milk shop owners mixes water into milk and sometimes soda is also mixed to avoid quick splitting. If somebody dares to go to buffaloes kraal, it is seen that buffaloes are openly injected to get more milk which is obviously unnatural and could lead adverse health consequences. Shop owners are selling milk at the rate of Rs.100/- per liter who mixes water and soda into milk while Rs. 110/- is charged at buffaloes kraal as they claim that they sell pure milk without mixing water and soda but inject some medicine to increase milk yield. It is pertinent to mention here that High Court Sindh has retained the price of milk at the rate of Rs. 94/- per liter but who cares and who enforces high court judgment.

Authorities concerned are requested to look into this matter and ensure pure milk should be sold at the rate which is fixed by High Court.