The news is that Governor NWFP has recently imported a helicopter at the cost of Rs500 million and the federal government has also decided to purchase five more at the cost of Rs. 5300 million out of which two will be earmarked for the VVIPs. That is a great shock for every Pakistani. At this critical juncture when the serious economic crisis has forced us to go to friendly countries cap in hand and, after being spurned by them, apply to IMF for financial assistance, spending billions on purchase of helicopters would make us a laughing stock of the world. I request the President and the Prime Minster to reconsider decision of purchasing these helicopters. Under the present circumstances, it is not just wasteful but criminal. They should redirect this chunk of taxpayer's money towards more productive projects in the education or health sectors. -QAZI SALEEM AHMED KARAR, Old Hala, via e-mail, February 7.