Larkana is the home city of two former Prime Ministers, Shaheed Z.A. Bhutto and Shaheed Benazir Bhutto. It is also one of the most populated cities of the country. The population of the city is estimated to be around two million. The main entrance of the city is the Sheikh Zaid roundabout that is these days choked up due to a multitude of problems. First, the main road from Sheikh Zaid roundabout to Kamber bus stand is so poorly constructed that there are many ups and downs on this 200 meter-long road. Secondly, the drainage system on this road has failed totally. Even a short spurt of rainfall results in the road turning into a fishpond. Thirdly, an unlawful wagon stand has been established here for passengers commuting to and fro various small cities in the periphery of Larkana. Owing to these factors, traffic is always jammed on this road. It is suicidal to drive on this road after a rainfall because of grave threat to the safety of drivers and vehicles posed by heavy inundation here. As described earlier, the length of this patch of road is no more than 200 meters. Yet it is a huge bottleneck, and inconvenience, for the commuters of the city and the outsiders that come into Larkana, some on daily basis. At a time when governments at both provincial and national level have been formed by the PPP, is it too much to ask for some attention of the rulers towards the city of party's two great leaders? -SHEERAZ HUSSAIN WAGGAN, Larkana, via e-mail, January 31.