The President House has recently ordered all cricketing matters to be referred to it. Some years ago our cricket team was one of the best in the world. It earned good name for the country opposed to now when it only brings a bad name to us by getting involved in drugs etc. During my school and college days in Chakwal, I had played cricket as a wicket keeper. We had great team spirit among the players and our team won a number of matches against teams of numerous other districts. What I wish to stress here is the team spirit. Our national team has lost the spirit with in which all sport is played. When the sport is permeated by greed for money, the team neither gets money nor the honour of victory. In the past few years, there was so much of politics in the affairs of the cricket board that it could never select the genuine players to make a professional team. In this period we have had a doctor or a general heading the board. What have doctors or generals got to do with cricket? I humbly suggest that PCB should be headed by a cricketing professional and all outside interference be stopped forthwith. -MAJ (Retd) SURKHAB PASHA, Chakwal, via e-mail, January 31.