KARACHI - About five thousand junior officers of Pakistan Steel have sent postcards to Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani, requesting him to remove impediments in resolving their problems, The Nation learnt through sources. According to the source, for this purpose, five thousand junior officers of Pakistan Steel have adopted a unique and democratic method to highlight their miseries and to inform the competent authorities. Joint Secretary of Action Committee, Rais Baig, when contacted, told The Nation that so far more than 3500 junior officers had sent the postcards to the PM while remaining would send their letters on Friday (today) or Saturday (tomorrow). "We have adopted a unique, democratic and soft procedure to inform the PM about the circumstances we are facing at work. This will also highlight the problems of five thousand employees of Steel Mills and their relatives at the name of promotion from past 20 years", he added. These employees have appealed to the Prime Minister to intervene into the matter. PM should direct the board of directors of Pakistan Steel to hold a meeting in order to discuss the issue regarding junior officers. The issue should be solved according to the formula decided previously in a meeting. It is noteworthy that these employees have been waiting for their promotion for the past 20 years. These are highly skilled workers who have been changed forcefully to junior officers in 1992. Upon their huge protest, the management of Pakistan Steel has formed a committee consisting of management of Pakistan Steel, CBM and representatives of junior officers, two members from each group. This committee chalked out a policy in order to resolve the issue. This policy was approved by the Chairman Pakistan Steel on 28 November 2008. But after 3 months, no meeting of board of directors has been held. This has created distress among the junior officers. Even other affairs have also been delayed due to it. They have appealed the PM and Federal Minister for Production to look into this matter. Baig charged that 5,000 employees had made junior officers by force to abolish their due rights including lesser house rents, out of which 20 per cent amount is still awaited. Medicines and its ceilings had also been reduced. These rights are being given to the other lower staffers but denied to skilled workers whom the management has promoted as officers. The management should notify the fact that working under same condition; junior officers compare their benefits with other workers. These workers are the entity of Pakistan Steel. The protest is to highlight the problems that the workers of Pakistan Steel are facing these days. The dissimilarity in benefits and other due rights among the employees of the same organisation has largely affected the working ability of the workers. In order to have industrial stability, the management of Pakistan Steel should work to resolve these problems. "There are no political advantages of this peaceful protest. So, the management and the government should look up to this matter seriously and solve the problems of its workers," he added.