ISLAMABAD - Despite granting approval for the expansion of the Polyclinic Hospital (Federal Government Services Hospital) on the one-third part of the Argentina Park, the CDA bosses are still hindering the expansion of the hospital, it is reliably learnt. Though the CDA Board is authorised to decide about the utilisation of the said park, yet the city managers have forwarded a summary to the Prime Minister for his approval, which critics opine is a delaying tactic of the Authority. According to the rules, only those matters which deal with changes in the original Master Plan of Islamabad are forwarded to the Prime Minister for his approval. Earlier, the project remained pending for years, as the civic body was not ready to allow the hospital administration to use the land of the adjoining public park for its expansion. After intervention of the Senate Standing Committee on Health and the Government of Argentina the matter was resolved between the civic authority and the Polyclinic administration. The Polyclinic administration decided to expand its existing building by getting some portion of the adjacent park as the 550-bed hospital was left with no more space to accommodate ever-increasing number of patients. According to sources, due to the lack of space, the hospital was not able to carry out important medical tests such C.T scan and MRI as they had no room to install the required equipment for these tests. Besides, the ever-increasing number of patients also forced the hospital to expand its existing capacity. Whereas the expansion of the hospital was also necessary, the FGSH is also gearing up efforts to get it affiliation with some leading university to make it a postgraduate teaching hospital sources added. Sources alleged that the matter was being delayed owing to the bureaucratic hassles, earlier it was anticipated that by the end of 2009 the Foreign Minister of Argentine might be visiting Pakistan to perform the groundbreaking ceremony of the project, but due to the delay from CDA it could not happen.