KHANEWAL - Former foreign minister and Vice Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), Shah Mehmood Qureshi on Sunday said that US Congress resolution about Balochistan was a blatant interference in Pakistan’s internal affairs. He said that the sacrifices of Baloch people against the war on terror are unforgettable.

He was talking to the media here in Jahanian where he went to offer condolence over the death of PPP MNA Ch Iftikhar Nazir on Sunday. Qureshi said that the US resolution regarding Balochistan was deplorable, an open meddling and an effort to destabilize the country. The government and political leadership must take the matter seriously whereas leniency in the matter would ultimately damage the country’s dignity.

The PTI leader pointed out that the present regime had failed to solve power crises. One of the ministers blamed government regarding rental power projects. Government can reduce loadshedding by drawing loans from the bank but can’t solve the problem completely. Qureshi said that the PTI would announce a plan regarding loadshedding on February 26. He added that the PML-N which chanted slogans ‘Go Zardari Go’ was working in collaboration with the government.

Commenting further, he said that the PTI boycotted the by-elections in order to follow the party policy, adding that he has nothing to do with the elections being conducted for Multan seat he vacated.  He urged the common man to boycott the elections.