ISLAMABAD - The United States respects the territorial integrity of Pakistan, as the bills introduced by members of US Congress on numerous foreign affairs topics do not in any way imply the US government endorsement.

“Members of Congress introduce legislation on numerous foreign affairs topics and these bills do not in any way imply US government endorsement of any particular policy,” a US Embassy spokesman said in a statement here on Sunday.

“The Department of State does not typically comment on pending legislation, but it is not the policy of the administration to support independence for Balochistan,” the statement added.

Meanwhile, Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States Sherry Rehman has said that government’s viewpoint on the resolution of Balochistan moved in the US House of Representatives, was conveyed to the State Department effectively.

Talking to a private television channel, she said that the sentiments of the people and the entire nation over the resolution of Balochistan moved in the US Congress have been conveyed to the Washington State Department. The people, political parties and higher authorities of the country have reacted on the resolution, she observed.

She said: “We have apprised the US Department that the resolution on Balochistan will take the bilateral relations of both the countries in a different direction.”

“We have also asked the Pakistani community living in the United States to convey the sentiments of their country while meeting with Congressmen,” she said.

She said “We went to State Department soon after the resolution on Balochistan moved in the US Congress and registered the protest.” Sherry said any attempt on the territorial integrity of Pakistan could not be tolerated.