WAZIRABAD - The project to beautify Wazirabad district will be completed with a cost of Rs10 million. The project features tree plantation and installation of streetlights along the roads, said TMA Administrator Abdul Sattar Isani here on Sunday. The project which is now underway will include beautification of the two main entrances to Wazirabad, said Isani. During the project, 67 streetlights will be installed on the two-km part of GT Road from Chowk Masjid-e-Musafiran.

 to Maulana Zafar Ali Khan Chowk, while another 63 streetlights will be erected along two-km of Sialkot Road from Kutchery Chowk to Bridge Laddo.

Trees will also be planted on the road dividers, “Local Administration has fulfilled its duty and now it is the responsibility of citizens to save the newly planted sapling for their own good”, he added.