NANKANA SAHIB - An American resolution espousing liberation for Balochistan has incited a widespread denunciation among representatives of civil society organisations encompassing lawyers, traders, journalists, human rights activists and religious and political figures in the district.

Condemning the resolution passed by the US Congress, Anwar Zahid of the Jamaat-e-Islami, Markazi Anjuman Tajran General Secretary Sheikh Shahid Mahmood, Khawaja Noorul Zaman Awasi, Asif Ali Bhatti, PTI district chapter chief Sajjad Haider Randhawa and advocate Sheikh Faisal Akram, said that “our rulers must take serious notice of the resolution and talk to the American government instead of remaining silent over the US attempt to subvert the country’s sovereignty”.

They demanded the government to ask America to seek apology over it and tell it decidedly that “any attack on our sovereignty would be repulsed in a befitting manner. They asserted that the tabling of such a resolution was an open interference in internal matters of Pakistan and a violation of the international laws.

“Balochistan has a significant geographical and political importance and abounds in natural wealth, such as minerals, metals, gases, petroleum products. With its resolution, the US has proved that it is keeping an evil eye on Balochistan,” they said and regretted that “our rulers were paying no attention to grievances of the masses of Balochistan”. They called on the government to seek apology from the Balochs and end the very sense of deprivation they were experiencing since long.

They also criticised the US for not passing a resolution for Kashmir, where Indian hostilities were increasing with each passing day.